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Way back in 2002 I was not watching the Chicago White Sox game. Truth is I am a Cubs fan, but that day was historic. An inebriated father and son jumped onto the field and brutally attacked the Kansas City first base coach.

It was major news worldwide. Nothing like that had ever occurred. I remember among the police charges and subsequent court appearances the White Sox organization stated that the two perps now have a lifetime ban from the ballpark.

I recall thinking how a lifetime ban is likely a symbolic gesture because 2002 technology would not allow any entity that holds forty thousand people to enforce such a ban.

Then we have the famous Las Vegas black book. I learned all about it watching the movie Casino. It was created in to 60’s to keep undesirables out of Vegas casinos. I recall an interview with Lefty Rosenthal where he boasted how a simple disguise allowed him to be a Vegas regular again.

Now we are in unique and different times. Specifically, within the airline industry. There lies a very serious threat because when someone becomes threatening or unruly you can be at 35,000 feet. A week does not go by where the news doesn’t report on mid air fights, mask arguments, and of course the attempted door openers.

Every airline has very specific banning policies and uses them often. Even the fine print on their web sites and tickets clearly warns the public. The difference which gives them the muscle is that they are designed, built, and equipped to enforce these rules. This is no facial recognition BS, this is we know who you are and you’re not going anywhere.

Now that is good to keep the skies and people safe. Unfortunately, there is one big loophole. Bobby Bad Behavior can go to another airline and board freely.

Well, that loophole may be fixed. Last week Delta petitioned the Department of Justice to create a no-fly list that all airlines can contribute to. That is simply a good idea. In 2021 alone there were nearly 6000 cases reported.

Now I would love to have a no ride list within the ground transportation sector. Perhaps even a category for deadbeats and naughty drivers. Many of you are probably thinking, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” I generally agree with that line of thought, but, on the other hand, the ground transportation industries have a longstanding record of being reactive not proactive. Perhaps it is time to get a leg up on an issue for once.

And that is my two cents on the subject. Delta, I thank you and officially will stop using my Delta acronym:

“Don’t Ever Leave The Airport”

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